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Piedmont PBA


The Piedmont Prescribed Burn Association (PPBA) plays a pivotal role as an advocate and educator, informing the public and landowners about the importance of prescribed fire. We aim to raise awareness about the who, what, why, and how of prescribed fire while simultaneously mitigating the risk of wildfires. Our primary objective is to reduce hazardous fuels across the landscape, thereby impeding the spread and intensity of wildfires. This approach not only enhances wildfire resiliency, but also supports fire-adapted and fire-dependent species, while improving wildlife habitat. 

Considering the significant acreage of private landowners beyond National Forest lands, incorporating prescribed fire into their holdings yields benefits not only for the landowners but also for adjacent communities and the overall desired conditions of the landscape. With the support of Action, Implementation, and Mitigation (AIM) Funding from Coalitions and Collaboratives Inc. (COCO), the PPBA is committed to providing training and collaborative assistance to partners and landowners, enabling them to implement fire as a land management practice. This ensures that fires are conducted under the right conditions and proper rotation, effectively putting fire on the ground and restoring their lands. 

What's a PBA?

A Prescribed Burn Association (PBA)  serves as a vital community-based organization that connects landowners and other community members, providing them with training, equipment, and educational programs. The primary objective is to enhance the effectiveness and safety of prescribed fires on regional lands. PBAs play a pivotal role in managing risk by ensuring the necessary preparations are in place prior to each burn. 

These preparations include: 

  • Assisting landowners in developing comprehensive burn plans 

  • Procuring the required equipment for conducting prescribed fires 

  • Establishing appropriate fire breaks to ensure containment 

  • Collaborating to ensure an adequate team of support is present during the burn 

By offering these crucial services, PBAs empower landowners and community members to conduct prescribed fires responsibly, maximizing their benefits while minimizing potential risk. 


Cooperating Partners

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